The Best Cocktails For A Party

It’s the perfect time of year for a cocktail party—it’s not too hot, and you can gather friends and family before they head out for a summer hiatus.

How can you throw a fete that won’t soon be forgotten? First, you have to get the drinks right. We recommend serving the following:

A Cosmopolitan, which is a blend of vodka, Cointreau (a brand of triple sec, an orange-flavored liquor), fresh lime and cranberry juices. Nearly everyone loves Cosmos, which became wildly popular in the 1990s when the show “Sex and the City” aired.

It’s a sophisticated drink that’s easy to make. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake it and strain it into a large cocktail (also called a martini) glass. Be sure to serve it straight up (without ice). The drink should be bright pink and frothy.

A wine cocktail, which is essentially a mixed drink in which wine is the main ingredient. We recommend a type of whiskey sour: Mix whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup and either cabernet or Malbec wine floating on top. Malbec is an Argentinean wine, and it’s been in demand over the past few years.

It’s dense and dark with a full-bodied richness; it tastes a bit like raisins, licorice, blackberries, black plums and sometimes Swiss chocolate. Here’s how to make the drink: Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes; shake well; and strain into a chilled sour glass.

A beer cocktail like a beer hattan, which is a combination of bourbon or whiskey with sweet vermouth, bitters (dashes of concentrated flavor stimulants that add a kick to a drink) and a dark lager. Combine all liquor in a cocktail shaker; stir to chill and mix. Pour it into a highball glass or goblet with fresh ice.

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