Take Your Picnic To The Next Level

Hot dogs and hamburgers are, well, ho-hum. Next time you plan to eat under the stars (or in the sun), pack a decadent picnic with some unexpected treats.

Follow these three steps for an unforgettable afternoon or evening:

• Pick a theme. Will your meal be a Hawaiian escape? Hollywood under the stars? Choose foods based on your theme.

Bon Appetit magazine has some great menus to inspire you—At the Beach (grilled halloumi—a type of white cheese made from goats’ or ewes’ milk—fingerling potato salad and cumin salad); Kentucky Derby (mint juleps spicy oven-fried chicken, plus fresh corn sauté with tomatoes, squash and fried okra); and Fourth of July (chicken with tangerine, honey and chipotle glaze). For more details, go to

• Plan the menu. Fruit, salads and sandwiches are easy to pack and carry. Brownies are great for dessert. Try one of these recipes for butterscotch or crunchy oatmeal brownies. Don’t forget the plastic forks, spoons and knives—plus paper goods!

• Wear the right thing! Whether your picnic is a date or a casual gathering of friends and family, you’ll want the right look. A cute sundress or denim shorts may be just the thing. Get ideas on