S’mores For Grown-Ups

We might not want to admit it, but S’mores aren’t just for Girl Scouts—or kids, for that matter. Plenty of adults indulge in them every summer.

And while you always need the key ingredients—chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers—you can get creative with them to pump up the flavor. A few of the impressive twists we’ve seen lately: cinnamon caramel, the fluffernutter, strawberry Nutella and lemon meringue. For those delicious recipes, go to:

Try shaking up the basic ingredients—use chocolate graham crackers instead of regular or flavored marshmallows. It goes without saying that you can go gourmet with the chocolate. Some of the recipes we’ve found involve using flavorful Ghiardelli squares rather than Hershey bars—or dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

If that’s too sweet for you, why not go savory? Some recipes use wheat crackers, a protein (like cheese or prosciutto) and sometimes a veggie (like tomato). Others combine both sweet and savory ingredients, such as banana, bacon and peanut butter (the Elvis), caramel and bacon, and melted brie with the usual ingredients. For inspiration, go to

Want a more substantial dessert? Try one of these mouthwatering S’mores-inspired recipes: dessert pizza, grilled banana, milkshake, bread pudding, cupcakes or fudge bars. You can find them at