Simple Ways To Freshen Up Summertime Meals

This is a great time of year to infuse fresh herbs, fruits and veggies into your family’s meals. At The Black Horse Tavern, our chef does exactly that. He selects delicious ingredients from the restaurant’s garden to accent many of our dishes. For instance, our smoked pork chop is served with micro spring herbs and a blueberry gastrique. Our other restaurants use local purveyors with the freshest, best quality produce. We often add mint, basil, cilantro, asparagus, corn and strawberries to entrees—and even drinks. Our summer cocktail menu includes drinks garnished with fresh mint and lemon.

If you want to add fresh, seasonal touches to your home-cooked meals, consider planting your own garden. Blueberries are considered “superfoods” because they may lower your risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. They’re also fairly simple to grow and can be used in so many different meals and snacks—everything from smoothies and salads to salsa and chilled soup. They need acidic soil and full sun to flourish. When the conditions are right, they can produce the fruit for up to 20 years!

Home-grown blueberries are typically ready for picking in late July to mid-August, yet you can eat them year-round. They’re one of the easiest fruits to freeze.