Out-Of-The-Ordinary Oatmeal

In the dead of winter, there’s nothing like waking up to a hot, flavorful bowl of oatmeal.

Not only is oatmeal good for you—it’s rich in fiber, which may benefit your heart and may help you feel full longer—but it can be downright delicious. Here are some recipes to inspire you:

Crunchy baked oatmeal with caramelized strawberries

This recipe takes a little time to prepare, but it’s bursting with sweet flavor and crunchy texture. It’s a blend of oats, quinoa, sugar, cinnamon and coconut milk topped with strawberries, brown sugar and coconut. You can even add some whipped cream and milk for extra richness.

The best bowl of oatmeal ever

With a name like that, how could you not try it? This recipe is simple; it involves combining water, milk and steel-cut oats, then topping it with a mixture of apple juice, raisins or dried cherries, heavy cream, brown sugar and cinnamon. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare, and it serves four.

Almond Joy oatmeal

If you have a sweet tooth, this recipe is for you. It involves blending oats, coconut milk, mashed banana, almond extract, and cocoa powder. When you’re satisfied with the consistency of the oatmeal, you top it with sliced almonds and shredded coconut—yum! Even better, this recipe takes just one minute to prepare and five minutes to cook.

Oatmeal with mango and coconut

This delicious blend of flaked coconut, rolled oats, brown sugar, chopped mango and chopped cashews will transport you to the tropics. The recipe takes just 15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook. Not only does it taste great, but it’s good for you; mangoes are high in vitamins A, C and E. They are also high in fiber.