Healthy School Lunches Your Little Ones Will Love

It’s time to start thinking about school lunches again.

If you prefer packing them yourself, try these healthy—and tasty—options. Or teach your kids how to make their own. They’re simple to make, and you’re unlikely to hear any complaints.

One of our favorites at The OFFICE Beer Bar & Grill are Thai Lettuce Wraps. They’re a favorite among families too because kids love them! They’re simple to make and the ingredients can always be changed up. Here’s our recipe:

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps (recipe yields 3 kids’ lunches)

  • 1 boneless skinless chicken breast: Diced into small pieces

  • 1 medium carrot: Peeled, cut Into 3 inch julienne pieces

  • 1 seedless cucumber: Peeled, cut Into 3 inch julienne pieces

  • 1 red bell pepper: Trimmed, cut Into 3 inch julienne pieces

  • 1 avocado: Cut and peeled, then cut into small slices lengthwise

  • 1 head of bib lettuce: leaves separated

  • 1 cup ranch dressing (optional)

For Chicken Sauce

  • ¼ cup sweet Thai chili sauce (found in the Asian section of the supermarket)

  • 2 tbsp light soy sauce

  • 1 tsp freshly grated ginger root

  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar

Combine all ingredients together. In a sauté pan, cook chicken with 1 tbsp of olive oil for 5 minutes, add sauce and continue cooking for 3 additional minutes over low heat. Remove and cool. Serve the ingredients in a sectioned lunch box. Add ranch dressing or additional Thai sweet chili sauce on the side for dipping.

Here are some other great ideas for kids’ lunches.

The Elvis Burrito

This unexpected combo of peanut butter, whole wheat wrap, crumbled bacon, honey and banana will have your kids wanting seconds. Whip it up in about 5 minutes! Get the recipe here.

Mini-Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

This bagel sandwich is packed with protein—scrambled eggs, a tomato slice, cream cheese and Canadian bacon or pancetta. It will keep your hungry student feeling satisfied for hours. Find the recipe here.

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich

Layer whole wheat bread with sliced strawberries and low-fat cream cheese mixed with honey and orange zest. It will be an instant hit at your child’s school. Recipe here.

Pizza Roll-Ups
Simply spread pizza sauce on a whole wheat flour tortilla, then top with spinach and cheese. Microwave until the cheese is melted, then roll up the tortilla. It’s great served with veggies and watermelon. Get the recipe.

Rainbows and Butterflies Pasta Salad

Toss cooked bow tie pasta with corn, edamame, bell pepper and carrots, then drizzle with olive oil. Add parmesan cheese and salt. Prep time is just 10 minutes (after cooking!) Find the recipe here.