Five Cheeses To Savor

Who doesn’t love a wine and cheese gathering? With the right mix of people and cheeses, it’s guaranteed to be a night of indulgence.

Try to pair each of your selections with a complementary wine. For instance, consider serving chardonnay or sauvignon blanc with Havarti, Stilton and Bavarian Swiss cheeses. Or shop for Spanish varieties, such as Idiazabal, Manchego and Mahon, and serve them with Spanish wine or sherry. Keep in mind, you’ll need about 3.5 ounces of cheese per adult.

Here, Chef Kevin shares his favorite cheeses:

1. Cave-aged goat cheese

I love goat cheese because of the lush texture and tangy notes. When it’s cave-aged, it takes on an earthy flavor that pairs well with fruits. This also means it’s a great cheese for accompanying wine.

2. Caraway cheese

If you like rye bread, you’ll understand why this is a great cheese. Similar to cave aging, the presence of caraway gives the cheese a nutty tang that rounds out its flavor.

3. Buratta

This is one of the most delicate cheeses; it has the texture of mozzarella and the richness of ricotta. Because it’s made with cream and pulled mozzarella de bufula, it’s delicious when you pair it with ripe tomatoes, roasted red peppers or a simple pesto.

4. Taleggio

It’s a great sandwich cheese. It has a stronger aroma than flavor, but it melts well and pairs nicely with rich flavors like arugula. Make a panini with taleggio, arugula and sun-dried tomato pesto and call it a day!

5. Really young manchego

Manchego is a sheep’s milk cheese with a rich history. Its flavor is soft and rounded, so it’s wonderful for a wine tasting. Pair it with a Spanish wine, as well as blanched Spanish almonds and quince paste.